Begin Recovery is a one-of-a-kind Interactive Program

Average stay at an in-patient rehab facility can add up to thousands of dollars. Other treatment options like private counseling sessions can cost thousands of dollars, while adding burdensome appointments and follow-ups to an already expensive recovery path. Here it’s all online...

Dr. Cook presents information he has accumulated in over 30 years of practicing Addiction Medicine that he believes anyone attempting recovery should know. There is no other program like on the Internet.

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Dr. Douglas Cook is a Board Certified Addictionist with American Society of Addiction Medicine. He is the founder of Palmetto Addiction Recovery Clinic, one of the most respected addiction treatment centers in The United States.


Access Over 14 Hours of Premium Video Content

    • 63 Chapters of online video content.
    • 189 questions for a thorough understanding.
    • 14 Hours of advanced education in alcoholism, addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention.
    • 100% completed with Accountability Partner being notified each time a chapter is viewed and test questions are passed at the end of each chapter. The Accountability Partner will log in and see all participants he/she is monitoring and view progress reports.
    • A graduation certificate confirming that this individual completed and understood the material.

An Addiction Recovery program that doesn’t break the bank


Once you begin to realize you've become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it can be quite frightening and overwhelming. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is denial. You can always think of someone who is further along with alcoholism or addiction. The thought of having to check into an inpatient program or make the decision to commit to nine or more hours per week of intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) may actually may be impossible due to a variety of circumstances. For instance, did you know...


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Two Payment Options to choose from
Save 15% when paid in full
2 payments

Pay $220 (50%) now, $220 (50%) after 30 days.


For use through the Drug Court System, the primary Accountability Partner would be the Probation Officer. Examples of other Accountability Partners might include a 12 Step Program sponsor, friend, relative, employer, attorney, clergy, counselor or physician.


Benefits of Begin Recovery

Provides advanced education about alcoholism and addiction.
Fosters a stronger desire to participate in 12 Step Meetings.
Will reduce relapse rates and rate of repeat offenders.
Affordable, private and easily accessible from anywhere.
Make probation officers’ jobs more efficient and more effective.
Provides core info to help bring addiction/alcoholism into remission.

Who Needs Help?

  • Do you ever feel ashamed or guilty about your drug use?
  • Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) when you stopped taking drugs?
  • Are you currently smoking or injecting any non-prescribed drugs or substances?
  • Do you experience job problems or legal problems or have you ever obtained drugs illegally?
  • Do you find yourself craving drugs and realize that the drugs have become more important than the people in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a strong possibility that you are about to spend a lifetime with addiction. Don't suffer in silence.

Customer Testimonials


I would like to take this time to say thank you for the Begin Recovery program offered through Rays of Sonshine. I got much from this program and learned a lot of the things I did not know. The program has been a great blessing to me as well as many others. I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise.

-Kim R


Dr. Cook’s “Begin Recovery” is an amazing resource for in-depth information on addiction and how to work the 12 steps. It opened my eyes to a lot and gave me hope for the future!.

-Dana C.


Greetings, I hope that this letter finds you in great spirits. I would like to thank you for the Begin Recovery coaching. I am a client at Rays of Sonshine and I have completed the program and it has helped me in a plethora of ways. Begin Recovery has given me a deeper understanding of the twelve steps and how to incorporate them into my life. I am forever grateful.

-Sheonte W.


I recently finished the Begin Recovery program. I learned more of my Higher Power and the 12 step program. I really appreciate you and all you’ve done.

-Ronni M.


I would like to pay thank you for your program of Begin Recovery. I have learned a lot more about alcoholism and addiction since I took your course. I am so grateful to you.

-Christian B


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