Access over 14 hours of premium video content for just $995

  • 63 Chapters of online video content.
  • 189 questions for a thorough understanding.
  • 14 Hours of advanced education in alcoholism, addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention.
  • 100% completed with Accountability Partner being notified each time a chapter is viewed and test questions are passed at the end of each chapter. The Accountability Partner will log in and see all participants he/she is monitoring and view progress reports.
  • A graduation certificate confirming that this individual completed and understood the material.

For use through the Drug Court System, the primary Accountability Partner would be the Probation Officer. Examples of other Accountability Partners might include a 12 Step Program sponsor, friend, relative, employer, attorney, clergy, counselor or physician.

Sample video caption: Drug Court System, the primary Accountability Partner

Benefits of BeginRecovery-Makes

Provides advanced education about alcoholism and addiction.
Fosters a stronger desire to participate in 12 Step Meetings.
Will reduce relapse rates and rate of repeat offenders.
Teaches the basic principles of living sober successfully.
Affordable, private and easily accessible from anywhere.
Make probation officers’ jobs more efficient and more effective.
Helps families by addressing pathological interpersonal behaviors.
Provides core info to help bring addiction/alcoholism into remission.
Access over 14 hours of sobriety coaching premium video content for $995